Once a Priest

Once a Priest“You’re gonna die, preacher.”
Young, idealistic Catholic priest Ed Griffin ignores the bystanders and marches on from Selma to Montgomery with Martin Luther King. He feels like he’s living his faith.
When he returns to his suburban parish in Parma, Ohio, he discovers that people have complained to the pastor. “Either you get rid of that nigger-lover, or we won’t give you another dime.” Father Griffin is moved to Cleveland’s slum. Three years later, in 1968, Griffin leaves the priesthood, but he doesn’t leave the rich tradition he’s learned from the church, the tradition that says respect others and help those in need. Once A Priest chronicles his struggle to find spirituality in his marriage, in his family, and in his career.

*          *          *          *          *


DystopiaOnce inside the gates of any federal penitentiary, the real world ceases to exist. The only thing real is the hate, the sorrow and the eminent threat of danger. Prison is a journey that most people never desire to undertake, but for two men, it’s a journey that will define their lives.

*          *        *          *          *



Pilar Marti, the first female Secretary-General of the United Nations, struggles to reform this tired, irrelevant bureaucracy. She takes on the United States Government and almost loses her life.

*          *          *         *           *

Prisoners of the Williwaw

Convict Frank Villa reaches deep into history, Prisoners of the Williwawpsychology and penology and comes up with a plan to establish an island prison where three hundred convicts can serve out their sentences, accompanied by  their families.  He dreams of a new society, of a community founded on the American ideals of freedom and respect for the individual.  But Frank soon discovers that he and many others lack the skills needed to build the future.  It’s one thing to walk out of prison; it’s another to melt the bars deep in the soul.

*          *          *          *          *

Beyond the Vows

Beyond the VowsA young Catholic priest finds conflict and romance on his journey toward the light.

*          *          *          *          *


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