Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen minutes a day – commit to that for your writing. Or so the experts say. It`s a great idea. The writing stays with you all day. You think about it when you`re walking, doing routine tasks, and sometimes even when you`re supposed to be sleeping. And often we get started and fifteen minutes turns into an hour. A teacher I know started getting up a half hour early to write. That was four years ago and now her writing sparkles.

Try it – fifteen minutes a day.


4 responses to “Fifteen Minutes

  1. It works! It really does. You just have to DO it. Thanks for the reminder, Ed. Will try to become “religious” about this practise once again LOL

    • Yes, I do remember your name. Good to hear from you. Karen lives in Kentucky I think and I saw Mark last week. He’s still cranking out the tunes.

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