Self Discovery

Does writing help you to get to know yourself better? Sometimes it does, I think. You write an incident in your life and then you stop and look at it. Is that really what happened? What did others involved think? Why do I act the way I do?

I can’t pinpoint it or even describe it correctly, but I know it works. I’ve watched countless men in jail start to write and end up with a better understanding of themselves.


4 responses to “Self Discovery

  1. I remember my first creative writing class and the sense of getting to know people from the inside out — writing, any writing, is a journey of self discovery.
    I’m glad you’re blogging!

  2. Does writting help you to know yourself better? I am dubious. While one may learn somethings about oneself through writting, I think more importantly one creates oneself through writting. I think when we put ideas to page we are trying in part to express the person we want to be. Thus, writing is excersizing that potential self, like one excersizes a mussle.. until that is the self that writes.

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