The Incarcerated Inkwell

A man in prison came to talk to me last year. “I want to become a writer,” he said.
I knew this man – he’d been very active in the prisoner advocacy department. He was a peer counsellor and knowledgeable about restorative justice.
He came to class every Friday morning and every week he turned in something for me to critique. “Give it to me straight, Ed,” he said. And I did – to the point that sometimes he was upset with me.
But he persisted. Getting rid of side tracks. Showing—not telling. Hammering his prose until it was tight and powerful.
This January his first published piece appeared in The Vancouver Province. It was called, Writing Has Changed My Life. Now The Province features his column, Live From the House of the Dead every week on their website:
Or you can read his column at this website:
These columns give a view of prison from an inmate’s point of view.
This fall the man (who prefers to remain anonymous to protect his family) will have an amazing article in Today’s Parent, about how to be a father when you’re in prison.
Prisoners are not all snarling, fighting, swearing drug addicts. They are also men and women who want to write.


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