True or False

  1. ____ Writing is work. It’s a job.


  1. ____ If you are not working on something that’s terrifying you, it’s not worth doing.


  1. ____Search your finished manuscript for “ly” words and try to get rid of them


  1. ____Use your first three chapters to explain the background of the story


  1. ____People want to relax when they read. Therefore, avoid conflict in your story


  1. ____ The best way to get published is to write poetry


  1. ____You should be an artist and a salesperson, about 50 – 50.


  1. ____You’ve got 30 seconds to sell your work


  1. ____The person who changes the most is the protagonist of the story


10.  ____George Bush said: Art releases unconscious tensions and purges the soul.


2 responses to “True or False

  1. Hey let’s not beat up on the poets. I can understand George Bush but no the poets. Unfortunatley the answer to No. 6 is false.
    The answer to the ‘ly’ words is true. Your writing only gets stronger as you are forced to find verbs that suggest walking quickly or talking menacingly. I think old Ernest was on to something. Every time I suggest this at any critique, I get these ‘frog on a lily pad’ eyes looking back at me sending me the telepathic message ‘well, how do you expect me to be descriptive.’ My answer to that is the answer to the true statement 1. No one said it was easy.

    I think the occupations of artist and saleperson are mutually exclusive but the reality is that if you want your work to reach people you’ve got to be a great promoter.

    Should you have three chapters to get your background in. I think the answer is that you have an entire manuscript to get it in. The real question is how long do you have to hook a reader: two or three paragraphs in my world. Might be slightly different in yours. More importantly is the question of conflict. You need that conflict on the first few lines or paragraphs. That’s what hooks the reader. So the answer to No.5 is a very very huge false. Best piece of writing advice that I got outside of one of Ed’s classes (lots of great advice there so sign up for one – there’s some promotion – maybe I should use the same effort to promote my own stuff 🙂 ) : Its great to have an angelic description opening your story but within a few lines a firey airplane needs to break through the clouds as it plummets to the earth. Writers live on the sharp conflict edge of thge writing knife. While its nice to spend some time on the descriptive edge, ultimately its dull.

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