Writing groups

What is a good writing group? I’ve been in a writing group since I started to write twenty-five years ago. What are the characteristics of a good member of a group? And how about the bad characteristics? How big should the group be? Should they take the summer off? How long should a meeting be?


2 responses to “Writing groups

  1. Ed,
    As a proud member of your writing group I’d say we have a pretty good one, but I’m biased! I think a good writing group member is one who respects the work of their fellow members, is able to accept and learn from constructive criticism, and is able to offer constructive criticism in a way that will help the writer grow rather than bring them down. I think between 6 and 10 members is a good size and taking the summer off is probably an issue that is individual to the group – some members have more commitments over the summer than others. 2 hour meetings work well, but there again, it depends on the group size. I think it should be more about how much time is allocated to each piece.
    Above all, mutual respect and a dedication to the craft are key.

    • I like what you say, Claire, especially the ‘mutual respect.’ We’ve had to make a few tough decisions over the years to keep things as you describe them.

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