the rules of writing

According to science fiction writer, Ursula K. LeGuin, there are only two rules of writing:
You learn to type
And you write.
Do you agree?


11 responses to “the rules of writing

  1. I think that there’s a bit more to it than that, otherwise it wouldn’t be so difficult to do well. But then she didn’t say that those were the rules for good writing.

    Also, she didn’t include handwriting, which is the best way for me to get the main ideas down on paper.

  2. I think the only rule for writing is just to write. I’ve written a far bit and typed it with two fingers on both hands. Just write daily as your blog says Ed.

    • Recently I’ve been marketing my new book. To my shame I haven’t been following my own rule about writing every day. The marketing part of me is at 70 percent and the artist at 30 percent.

  3. I’ve written and commercially published two NF books — written with two fingers (OK, three, I use my thumb for the space bar.) Typing matters a lot less than what you write.

  4. A little simplistic, but I think I get her point. Many a writer, when asked by aspiring writers how to become a writer, will tell them to just write. I try to write something on my blog every day. I don’t worry too much about writing down the perfect words, because if I do that, I could literally spend the rest of my life re-writing. So that is very good advice – just write!

    • I know, I know but isn’t it by writing that we learn how to write. LeGuin goes on to compare it to playing the tuba. You get a tuba, you start to play, your neighbors move away, and you keep playing the tuba until you’re good at it.

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