No time to write?

Statements such as “I have no time to write,” and “I can’t afford to spend time writing,” are usually not the real issue. What is?


2 responses to “No time to write?

  1. Procrastination always has its source in your writing. The secret is to find out what is actually stopping you from writing. We all have 15 minutes a day if we want to write. So if you’re not writing there is a bigger reason than time. Confidence? Worried its going to be bad? Nothing is ever bad. Its just a first draft. Perhaps the desire to do the hard work of writing is stopping you. Or perhaps you just like the idea of maybe one day you will write something. Sort of like thinking one day you’ll win the lottery. The bottom line is that if you want to write there are two pre-requisites: spending time with your computer or pad and putting ink to paper or fingers to keyboard.

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