I find them to be a thing of hope for writers who have not been able to break into traditional publishers. Further, I think ebooks are the wave of the future. I don’t think printed books will go away, but the digital age is here.

Having received rejections for books I didn’t write, having opened my mail to find a three year old rejection, having editors and agents insult me, having been told my book had too many men to make it a woman’s story and too many women to make it a man’s story, having…the list could go on.

I for one welcome ebooks.

This does not mean I can send in any old thing. In fact, it means I have to work harder. The brand now belongs to me. It’s not Harper-Collins or Penguin. I am the brand. I want it to be very good, something I can be proud of.


5 responses to “E-books

  1. I would love to have an ebook reader…but it doesn’t come cheap here in my country. I have several PDF file of books I couldn’t find easily here in my country…would love to read them but I hate reading books in my computer.

    • Thank you, Novroz. Like everything electronic, I’m sure the price will go down. The cheapest here in Canada is about $100 now. I agree with you — I don’t like to read books on my computer

  2. I love ebooks. I’m really into web fiction but I just read an article “The Future of the Web Serial May Not Be On the Web”! (basically saying it’s moving to Kindle etc.)
    The adaption of art to technology is fascinating to watch and experience. Writers now do have much better options for handling their own work than they once did.

    As for not sending in “any old thing” I think most dedicated writers will see it the way you do. They still want to produce the best book they possibly can. I’m sure there’ll e a lot of crap on the ebook market (actually, there already is) but there will be good stuff too. And at least it’s cheap!

    • Thank you. You are so right. When I came to price my ebooks, some advised me to price them at $9,99. I went for $2,99. Sorry to be brief. I’m off to my class in prison

      • Good idea! Not that your books aren’t worth more, but people are far less likely to take a chance on a book if it’s cheap. And there are just sooooo many ebooks–and a lot of them are pretty terrible–that it makes sense for people to be picky.

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