Publish or Perish

Many – most? – university professors do not wait around to get published by commercial publishers. They kick in x dollars toward the publication. For them, it’s publish or perish. I know of another local author who paid about half of the publishing cost to get his book out there. Many authors discover to their horror that their books have a three-month shelf life – and then it’s gone. A year, two years later, the author can’t find a copy anywhere.

Naturally the publishing industry – editors, publishers and agents – want books to come their way. They don’t appreciate the new forms of publishing and I think they are threatened by them.

So what is a writer to do?
Try to get a book commercially published? Yes, try it – for a limited time to a limited number of publishers or agents. If no luck, go on. Don’t be defeated. Think in alternative ways.
What about Print on Demand?
What about e-books?
What about using social media to promote yourself?
But get published. The worst tragedy is a friend of mine who wrote a wonderful story of her life. Sadly, she died even before she thought of publishing. Her relatives threw a big box of a “bunch of writing” away. Story gone. Life history gone.


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