Write passionately. Our society seems to be uncomfortable about passion. Passion drives us to write. Passion is what you feel when you see a starving child. Everyone has loves and hates; even quiet people lead passionate lives. Creativity follows passion. Honor passion, don’t suppress it. Just start typing.

This is one of Jean Bryant’s excellent laws of writing found in her book, ANYBODY CAN WRITE.


2 responses to “Passion

  1. I came upon this by using your Random Writing Tip button. Nice!

    I also think it’s an excellent point. In our everyday lives, we’re so used to having to moderate our passions, which moderates our behavior. Characters in books would be boring if they had to use all of our real life social filters, so as writers we have to abandon them to a certain degree.

    Then our characters can behave in the ways we’d like to but aren’t socially acceptable or would just have too much risk of failure to contemplate.

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