In the process of writing …I found that life became more comprehensible and the world more tolerable. I felt that my roots had been recovered and that during that patient exercise of daily writing, I had also recovered my own soul.

Isabel Allende (The Political novel pg 43)

What an inspiration Ms. Allende is. What she says to me is that the daily slog of writing helps me discover my own soul.


3 responses to “Inspiration

  1. This is so true, soul exposure naturally occurs as we go. What a ride, lol! Good piece, Ed, Isabelle is great.

    I want to tell you I have just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award and included a link to your pages in my piece today. You are one of my 15 faves and I hope you have some fun checking it out and/or participating in what I believe is a way of sharing some great bloggers here with others who may not yet be aware of them.


  2. We all need inspiration to keep going, no matter what we’re doing. I’m fascinated by the different sources of inspiration we have as writers, artists, creators of all things…

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