First Person

When writing in first person, you have to be sure that the reader knows and even likes the “I” character. (at least is curious about the person) Too often “I” stories don’t reveal the character of the “I” person, or don’t reveal it fully.

First person must have a reason for telling the story. Tale telling must be part of his or her character. The strong, silent Clint Eastwood might make a poor first person narrator.

The decision to use first or third person is a narrative strategy. Have a reason for which you are using.


3 responses to “First Person

  1. Thanks for giving me some insight into the reason why “the rule” of the first person was pushed on me. I think all my fellow “critters” were writing fiction and they believed that their narrator was the “It” Gal or Guy!


    Aurora nominated me for this honor and it is a wonderful way to find other people and blogs. Please check out she is quite fantastic.

    The nomination/award comes with a few rules but for rules, these are kind of fun.

    The Rules:

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    • This is a great idea, but I have to defer until I understand all this blogging business better. You say you are new to all this. I’m newer, newest, most newest. Ed

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