I wish I could write humor. I think laughter is good for the soul as they say and, in my opinion, it is an approach to God.

Writing humor, like writing anything, is work. It’s almost a science if you study it well. In a class I attended, the teacher had us do a greeting card. We brainstormed ideas and then came up with a few clever and funny birthday cards. The teacher sent them in and a card company accepted several of them. She gave the money for treats for our class.

Not instruction now, but a few great quotes:

Brevity is the soul of wit.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Humor is a prelude to faith and
Laughter is the beginning of prayer.

Reinhold Niebuhr 1892-1971

“Dissecting humor is like dissecting a frog. They both die in the process. E.B. White.


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