Conflict. Conflict. Conflict. Give us conflict. Hum-drum, everyday life we already got.
Put your hero in conflict. Pour on her troubles. When you’ve given her a terrible internal problem and a scary external problem, let a bear start chasing her through a swamp.
That’s the advice. If only I could follow it. As I work to develop a character, he or she begins to intrigue me. Why would I want to give this interesting person a lot of trouble?

Ah, conflict.


6 responses to “Conflict

  1. LOL, good point. But it seems you learn a lot more about the character based on how they react to these problems. Also they end up evolving into something we didn’t initially expect based on these conflicts.

    • Yes, be sure to do what I say, not what I do. I don’t pour the difficulties on my hero. And I should, because dealing with problems shows the character of my hero.

  2. You sound like me! I am the anti-drama queen. I avoid conflict like I avoid fast food–it’ll kill by inches (pun intended). But that’s what makes a good story. Ah, life and writing–both filled with delicious irony…

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