Writing A Novel

Many writers fear taking on a novel. It seems to be such a big project, taking months of writing and then rewriting. Yet award-winning mystery writer, Lawrence Block, says the novel is the place to start. Block argues that:
* The market for short fiction is gone
* A reasonably prolific novelist can earn a decent living.
* The novel is the place to start.
* skill is less at a premium

This last point is important. A poet has 16 lines to get her message across, an article writer has 2 or 3,000 words, but novelists have 60,000 to 100,000 works to get their message across. Some novelists, even famous ones, don’t know how to write well, but they are good storytellers. And with ebooks on the horizon, we beginning writers have more of a chance now.

So write a novel. Promise yourself that you will finish it. This is what Diana Gabaldon promised herself with her first novel – that she would finish it.


4 responses to “Writing A Novel

  1. Thanks for the shot in the arm. Still have my Block book from your program and need to review, apparently. I did finish four novels but they were learning ground. Number five is my lucky charm. Good reminder.

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