Sense Appeal

A good friend of mine offered a class in Sense Appeal. Here is her statement:
Do you want to immerse your readers in the world you’ve created for them? Fully immerse them in it? Yes? Then you must help them see, hear, smell, touch, and taste your characters’ experiences. Share the sensory journey of your characters through your description and dialogue, and your readers will feel the full experience of your writing as if they were living in the pages of your story themselves.

I signed up for the class twice, but it didn’t run, so my friend sent me her notes and I studied as best I could.

I struggle with this part of writing. I have limited trouble with dialogue and action, but I often fail on the five senses. I know it’s important, but I forget to include it on the first pass through. I have to go back over what I’ve written and add it later.


3 responses to “Sense Appeal

  1. i often leave the five senses to the rewrite portion of the story. My main concern in the first draft is to nail the story, and conflicts within. Its kind of like building an animated characters. You build the bones, then the skin, then finally the details over the body.
    I also find this method of dressing up each scene to be helpful in word count.

  2. Great reminder for writers. When I immerse myself in my memories, I think about the sounds, smells, feels, and other sensations. Then I use descriptive words to share those sensations with my readers. It does make the prose more alive.

    I recently posted a story about moving in with my in-laws. In that post, I describe a specific memory about my son. That one passage is the one that everyone commented on, not the rest of the post. Interesting…

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