Positive Affirmations

I’m not a fan of self-help, but I’ve learned that two groups of people in my life need self-help in the form of positive reinforcement. One group is the inmates I work with. Most get constant reminders that they are the dregs of society. Writers are the other group of which I am one.

These are the affirmations that help me.

· My writing talent is a gift. The writing I do is my gift to the universe.

· I become a better human being when I write something well.

· Though all ideas have been explored, no one has exactly the same perspective as I do. I am unique. The world wants to hear my views.

· The world is a better place because I wrote this morning.

I especially like this last one. Even if no one ever reads what I wrote this morning, the very act of writing this morning made the world a better place.


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