A Writer’s Personality

If I could redo my life, I’d change my personality. My wife has the right personality for a writer. She is very quiet, but she never misses a detail. I remember once we met a man for our greenhouse business. “Did you see his ring?” she asked when we left. No, I hadn’t seen his ring or any other detail about the man. But I knew I didn’t like him and didn’t trust him and I knew he looked down on his employees. I picked up vibes from him by the way he talked, by the way he looked at his employees.

The ring was part of the picture and I missed it, a big, expensive, overpowering ring. It was a perfect symbol for the man. My wife could tell you what he was wearing, what color tie and whether his shoes were polished.

I’m always talking to people, even people I don’t know. My wife stands in the background and observes.

Perhaps both perspectives are needed – the visual details and the ability to pick up vibes.


4 responses to “A Writer’s Personality

  1. I think you have many more personality traits that form the basic requirements of being a writer.
    One of them is the title of your blog.
    Writers who write every day are writers.
    Writers who don’t, used to be writers.

  2. Hi Ed, this is my first visit to your blog. I found you on the “Writing Tag” page.

    Writers have no limits on the way they can observe other people. Talking to people, listening to their conversations when they’re not talking to you, looking at them, their clothes, their behavior, what they’re eating, what kind of jewelry they have – or don’t – it’s all fair game.

    I find that my writing is enhanced by my photography. I recently took a trip to Mexico, and took extensive photographs of the people I saw there, and it was a bit of a revelation to be able to record and observe these people to spur my memory later of my experiences.

    Regardless, I think whatever works is what can be employed in the service of writing as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, including anonymous subjects.

    If you’d like to see some of my “Faces of Mexico” they are available on my shutterfly site: http://cdeminskiphotos.shutterfly.com.

    • Thanks, Carol. Yes your pictures are great. I especially liked Taking a rest near the Puebla Zocalo and the toy seller. You are right, your pictures help the writing process

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