The Surrey International Writers’ Conference

I hope you can attend at least part of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. It’s next weekend. It’s an intensive course in writing in one weekend. It’s different from the Vancouver Festival, which is aimed at readers. The Surrey Conference is aimed at writers. Some of the best writers, agents and editors in North America will be there. Check it out.


8 responses to “The Surrey International Writers’ Conference

    • Yes, the Surrey conference is next weekend. I think it’s one of the best in North America. It’s a great education in writing in a weekend. Why go to Seattle or Denver or Toronto when it’s right in our backyard?

  1. Ed, I have pic of ‘you’ Ed and our small ( but mighty!) clan at Cloverdale Starbucks planning SiWC in the year ‘dot’ (circa 1994-5). I smile! Seems like yesterday (sometimes).
    On another note – I’m collecting testimonials/memories of SiWC. If anyone wishes to submit something, please email me directly at Thank you!
    And…sincere thanks, Fast Eddy, for SiWC, and for inspiring us to write on! 🙂
    ~ Ursula

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