Writing A Novel

Thinking of writing a novel? According to novelist Lawrence Block, the novel is the place to start your writing efforts. Block argues that:
* The market for short fiction is gone
* A reasonably prolific novelist can earn a decent living.
* skill is less at a premium
* the idea is less important

Perhaps these last elements need explanation. We can all name a novel or two that was not well written, but told a good story. Skill at writing is not so important if you are a good storyteller.

Also, you have 90,000 words to get your idea across. You can come at it in many different ways. A short story writer has 2,000 words. A poet has 16 lines.


2 responses to “Writing A Novel

  1. i thought of writing a novel. Then i thought of another, and now I’m 18 months into a third, joined two critique groups and one meetup group.
    Is it fun? you bet. Is it hard? You bet. But knowing i can always POD or kindle allows me the freedom to keep going and know the price for self publishing (I’ve done it 6 times) has never been cheaper.

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