Point of View

Point of ViewYou’re thinking about a story. Often you just jump in and start writing and I think that’s the best way to do it. But you could ask yourself point of view (POV) questions: Should I write this as “I,” or would it be better as “She?” Which character should I use to tell the story?

How to decide which POV to use:Whose POV

1. Which way SHOWS instead of TELLS?

2. Which  character supplies the:

  •    emotion
  •     conflict
  •     suspense
  •      reader identity
  •       author’s message
  •        the show – not the tell

3. Which way gives the most EMOTIONAL impact?

4. Which way is easiest for the writer’s ability

I’ve heard it said that experts can judge a story in the first few paragraphs by how the writer handles point of view.

Images courtesy of:

  • read-learn-educate.blogspot.com
  • branching-into-multimodal-texts.wikispaces.com

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