The Elements of Poetry

What makes a good poem? What ideas are useful for writing poetry?poetry

  •  Rhythm.. The writer arranges the words in such a way that the beat makes the poem come alive. (I wish I could do this)
  •  Fresh language. No clichés
  •  Less is more. The poem is short, punchy. No extra words.
  •  New vision. When I read a poem, I should see the world in a new way. Instead of the same old thing, I will see leaves and autumn in a new way, snow and winter, etc.
  •  Clear. The feeling is like a crystal. The words shine out from the page. Concrete words, not vague words. A lot of poetry fails here, in my opinion.
  •  Emotion – the poem says angry without saying it. I feel the anger. Or the poem says happy and I feel it, but the word happy isn’t there.
  •  Accessible. Get poetry out of the literary magazines and back to the people. Out of the coffee shops and into the mall.

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