Characters We Like

goodIn a story, who are the characters we like?  We like characters who are like us. “I like her. She’s got a sense of humor.” Implicit in the statement is just like me. While we like such characters, they can be a bit boring for us.

A list of characters we like might include:

  • Physical Attractiveness. Just refer to Hollywood.
  • Altruism. Someone who gives of self
  • A victim. We have sympathy for a victim
  • Desires and Dreams. Involve your reader in the noble pursuit of the hero’s goal. In my opinion, this is the strongest way to involve your reader.
  • We like people with a good attitude.
  • We like people who volunteer for dangerous missions
  • We like people who are reliablegood
  • We like clever characters
  • We like the lovable rogue.

Our hero might have one or more of these characteristics, but the evil villain has to have a likeable quality as well, at least a hint of one.

Tomorrow – characters we hate.

Consult Orson Scott Card’s book – Character & Viewpoint

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