Critique Groups

circleWriting groups help a lot. Some people, however, work better with just a friend to share their writing with. Others are loners. But I’m a group person.

A good writers’ group:

  •  Helps you see things you missed
  •  Helps you improve your craft
  •  Gives you needed feedback and support
  •   By critiquing others, you often see what’s wrong with your own work

How to tell what’s a good group:

  • They start on time and end on time
  • While they enjoy each other’s company, they are NOT a social group
  • They meet at least twice a month
  • They make positive comments, before they make suggestions
  • The group contains no more than 7 and no fewer than 3.
  • Ideally, you are the weakest member of the group. You will learn the
    Circle NO

    No Circle


  • They don’t read at the meeting, but they hand out copies for people to review at home.

I know this last point will stir controversy, but, except in rare cases, meeting time should be to discuss the various works, not to read them. Read them at home. Study them at least twice and make comments.

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2 responses to “Critique Groups

  1. I agree that it’s better to review at home to give each piece the time it deserver, though it’s nice once in a while to hear your own piece either read out loud by someone else.

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