Practical Tips for Marketing

stampsStamps – Be sure you are using the correct postage on your SASE.  Americans cannot use Canadian stamps and vice versa.  You can, of course, use International reply coupons, but my understanding is that are more expensive that regular postage.

Find out who’s hungry, meaning who’s new, who’s eager for writers. Writers Market identifies publishers and magazines new to that edition.(N)

Most writer’s magazines do NOT do investigative reporting, do NOT check out their own advertisers.

Mention your writing credits, even if it’s in a technical area.  Let the editor know you’re a pro, you’ve done extensive class work, you’re in a writer’s group.  Never say:  “I’m just beginning.”

Don’t neglect your local newspapers. Local suburban papers love local authors

Don’t believe the numbers.  “We received 3000 manuscripts last year.”  But how many writers out there are making multiple submissions?

Google the magazine, publishing house or agent you wish to send to. Check for their submission guidelines. Follow them.

Keep records of your income and expenditures for tax purposes.

Try sending things that look like correspondence — or maybe even checks.  Use envelopea legal size envelope.  Include a query letter and the FIRST PAGE of your story.  Ask the editor to use your SASE or email to request the rest of the story.  Letters get read, manuscripts don’t.

Two very helpful websites:

And remember – you can’t win the lottery, if you don’t buy a ticket.lottery


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