Making Characters Come Alive

inspirationSome writers make extensive lists of their characters good and bad points, their idiosyncrasies, their history, their sexual experiences and on and on. I know I should do that, but I don’t. I start to write a story about the character. On and on, things happening, people talking – slowly I discover the person. I can’t recommend this way – it leads to too much rewrite.

In any case here’s a simple way to reveal your characters:

We reveal character by:man hiking

  •     Dialogue
  •     Action
  •     Reaction (what does the character do, when somebody does something to them.)
  •     Introspection
    •     thoughts
    •     feelings
  •     Description

by discovering what the character

  •       Wants
  •       Is afraid of

I think dialogue and action are the two most important items, and description is the weakest way to reveal character.people


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2 responses to “Making Characters Come Alive

  1. I’m with you on this one, Ed. I’ve never sat down and done that (what seems to me) very calculating thing of creating an analysis of a character I haven’t even written about yet. I just learn about the character as I go along. But then I’ve never had anything published under 8 drafts.

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