A Professional Writer

writerTreat yourself as a professional. Buy what you need. Writing is your job. Chuck that old printer, buy the programs you need, and attend that writers’ conference you’ve been putting off.

Writers’ conferences are great for learning. In three days you learn a year’s worth of classes. They have less value as a place to sell your work, especially in this business climate and with publishers cutting back due to the emergence of ebooks.

Women, especially, should consider the rule about being a professional. writerTraditionally, women feel their time and money should go to the family. While I applaud that, children have to learn that ‘Mommy’ has a life outside of the home. This is an important concept for children to learn. Mommy is not just a meal-maker and a clothes washer. She’s also a writer.

Speaking of being a professional, here in Canada, my accountant accepts all my expenses for my yearly tax. I assume that’s true in other countries as well. Computers, paper, mail, classes I attend, the office in my house, Internet service taxesetc. etc. At the beginning, I wasn’t generating any income, still it was legitimate – like opening a new store.

Treat yourself as a professional. That’s what you are. You’re a writer.


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    • Oz?? As in the Wizard of Oz? It made me laugh. Oz here is also a TV series about a prison which is called OZ. It’s a terrible show, making inmates out to be a bunch of evil people. I work with inmates and the show does not reflect the reality of a prison. Most guys in prison want peace. They don’t like fights. Yes, there are some dangerous, unreformed people there, but it’s not a killing pit.

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