Start Small

Market your writing in your own backyard.  The place to begin selling your writing is not at the top of the publishing pyramid, but at the bottom.  At the beginning your goal is not to make money, but to build writing credits.

Often local papers and new magazines are desperate for writers.  A friend of mine made a plan to pay for all her household expenses by writing. She wrote a resume and sent it to the local papers. One paper said they were doing a feature on women in business. They gave her 20 names and their phone numbers and asked her to write a paragraph on each of the women. They offered her $20 for each contact. My friend made $400 in less than two days and never left the house. Soon she earned enough to pay for her groceries, and her heat, light and water bills.

Start small.

Consider writing for:start small

  •  Church bulletin
  • Club newsletter
  • Company newsletter
  • Hobby magazine
  • Local Paper
  • Seniors magazine
  • Technical magazine


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5 responses to “Start Small

  1. Now THIS is a post I needed! I’ve recently moved to a small country and there isn’t so much competition for freelance writing. As a young near-adult (smiles), I’d like to try something like this in order to earn money for the rest of my education.

  2. What a pleasure you always are to read, Ed: no sweeping generalisations, just good advice. Everything is built on everything else. When making a brick wall, there’s no point in trying to lay bricks from the top down. And the good thing is: each little success usually leads to a bigger one. “We must make haste slowly,” someone once said; I wish I could remember who it was.

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