Threshold Guardians

threshold guardianAnother interesting and helpful archetype is a threshold guardian, a person who tries to stop our hero from action. Think about the words…This is a GUARDIAN of a THRESHOLD to a new world, the world our hero wants to get to.

We know threshold guardians in our own lives. Suppose we decide to set up our own company. A competitor will advise against it and may even try to block us. Family members might say that it will take us away from the family too much. Government agents warn us of the difficulty and so on. Your hero will encounter difficulties like this and worse. The more obstaclesstop you put in her way, the better. She will be tested and tested again and then and only then will we see what a hero she is.

Threshold guardians can be our own neuroses, fears, or self-limitations. Years ago my electrician father was offered a perfect chance to start his own construction business. The pastor of our parish offered to give him the electrical contract for the new church and to finance him in advance. My father, raised in the great depression, when many businesses failed, turned him down, I think because of his fear of church

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5 responses to “Threshold Guardians

  1. Right now my obstacle is censorship, have you heard about this? Just when I started “liking” the internet and thinking it served a good purpose for our otherwise often unheard voices, we may have to conform or vanish due to some new rule or other. Unless we protest. Hence my piece said, I’ll share with you now: Permalink:
    Thanks for all the great writing tips, Ed, reminds me of being in your classes 🙂 Oh, I miss the nineties. I didn’t know so much about so many things and may have been the better for it, LOL. Except writing, can never learn to much about that 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments, Aurora. I was happy yesterday to see all the websites blacked out in protest of this bill in Congress.While this is a US bill in Congress, it affects us. I am also happy to see comedians making fun of the bill. My son (a computer guy) tells me it will have a lot of unforeseen consequences.
      No matter what — keep writing

  2. Ed I enjoy your work.. I am realy wanting to be some kind of author so if you can always make sure u comment onmy work weather it is good or bad I NEED ADVICE LOL from someone who i respect in the writing world .. Thanks ..

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