Making characters come alive

How do we bring characters alive in our stories. It’s a challenge. Should I follow Kurt Vonnegut’s suggestion:

 wantMake your characters want something right away – even if it’s only a glass of water.  Characters paralyzed by the meaninglessness of modern life still have to drink water from time to time.

 That’s a good idea, I think. Especially if it’s a goal, a dream the character has homer and a donutalways wanted.

Another quote guides me away from pages of description:

 As for information, it may or may not contribute to understanding.  We may know a person’s height, weight, hair color, ethnic background, and occupation.  This is information.  But until we are aware of temperament, anxieties, joys, and ambitions, we do not know that person.  Information is not a person; spirit is. (Rebecca J. Lukens, A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature.)

 Spirit, that helps. I have to find the few lines that make this spirit come alive.

Any suggestions?

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