Writers’ Block Doesn’t Exist

I had something amazing happen in class yesterday. We’ve been working on character development, and I handed out one of those lists for character writing characterdevelopment. I’m sure you’ve seen them.

My list:

Let’s try to create a character or two:

Write a name in the XXX, a fictional person, an adult

________________________________(hereafter referred to as XXX)

The different ways to create characters:

Use lists.


  • age
  • position/ job
  • wants
  • fears
  • in wallet/purse….
  • brief physical description

Jump in. Start to write about the character and discover her or him as you write.

XXX opened the front door and____________

And so forth for a page of different ways to create and get to know characters. I was demanding, moving fast, not allowing people to think too much.

The results were amazing. People created interesting characters right on the spot. Then I had them talk to the person next to them, get to know each other’s character and then come up with a little story involving the two characters.

Again, the results were amazing.

It struck me – what is all this talk about writers’ block? It doesn’t exist. If we are forced to write, we write. And if we turn off the small critic, who sits on our shoulders, we write well.writer's block


4 responses to “Writers’ Block Doesn’t Exist

  1. That was a fun exercise and maybe even sparked some new stories. I’m still thinking about Harry and Heather :O)

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