Playing with Point of View

Point of ViewThink of something dramatic that happened to you. Write it down in a way that feels natural, without giving it a lot of thought. If you don’t want to write it down, then just make some notes.

Then — play with Point of View (POV)  See how many different ways you could write it. (I assume your natural choice was “I”)

Different ways:

  • He or She (Third person)
  • Deep into the mind of one character
  •             In the mind of one character, but more on the surface
  •             From the point of view of a different character in the story
  • From the POVof a third character, if there was one
  • All telling — Just the facts – into nobody’s head
  • All showing
  • Use an omniscient POV
  • Use a POV as if you were looking back many years later
  •  In a diary
  •  In a letter
  •  A minor character tells the story, like Dr. Watson
  •  Writer interacts with the reader
  •  One of the characters lies about the story

Which way worked best? Which way brought the characters to life? Which way showed, instead of told?whose point of view



6 responses to “Playing with Point of View

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  2. Ed-

    It has taken me a while to work through this exercise due to alot of outside personal issues to work through. However, this is one exercise, that every writer should be forced to do. The fun of writing about the same event from each POV was outweighed by the educational outcome of the exercise. It reminds me of the cartoon relating to your home where each frame shows a different house and below the caption reads how: your insurance agent, realtor, potential buyer, appraiser, bank, and you see your house. Thank you for providing the vehicle for this experience.

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