15 Minutes A Day

every day15 minutes every day. That’s the way to become a writer. Not three hours on Saturday morning. If you write for fifteen minutes, the story stays with you all day, while you’re waiting for a bus, while you’re doing the dishes. You rethink the ideas and work out the problems. Some days it’s just fifteen minutes, but other days you take off and three hours later you can’t believe the clock.fifteen minutes

I know an elementary school teacher who crawls out of bed at 5 AM and writes for an hour before she feeds her five children and gets them off to school and gets herself to school. She’s been doing this for four years now and her writing shows it.

They say that Hemingway went to an isolated room every morning at 6 AM and Hemingwaywrote until noon, no matter how much drinking he’d done the night before.

15 minutes every day. Do it and you’ll surprise yourself.

This is one model of writing. Do you have a different one?

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4 responses to “15 Minutes A Day

  1. This is great advice, Ed – especially for 1st draft material where a great deal of the ‘writing’ is done by the unconscious, rather than the conscious mind. And, as you say, some days the writing might take off and you get 3 hours. Having the story with you, no matter where you are, is the secret. Your unconscious is working on it even while you are working in something else!

  2. Darn. It appears my stock excuse of, “I have five kids,” is not a valid one. Thanks for calling me on it. Fifteen minutes is doable, no matter who you are.

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