New Life

sunIt is so exciting to be a writing teacher. I get to be present at birth. I see it on the faces of people. They get it. Writing has become part of them. I’ve taught in the community and for eighteen years I taught in prison. Now I teach in a drug and alcohol rehab facility. In all these places I have watched people come alive. They get the message and then they run – often way past me. They know all the rules instinctively. They work hard at their writing.

If you have the chance, teach writing. While I work for pay sometimes, I volunteer way more times. No matter where, when the light comes on in a student, it’s a moment of joy and great reward for a teacher.teacher

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8 responses to “New Life

  1. Thanks for posting this, Ed. I used to teach Fiction Writing workshops at Byron College (a posh name for adult ed.) But becasue I’m essentially very shy, it cost me dear. I lost at least 8 weeks when it was a only a 6-week course of 3 hours a week. Meeting and dealing with 8 strangers really took it out of me. Still, I wish I could do it again, and your way of looking at is such a good one; I’ll factor it in next time I’m thinking about going back to teaching writing.

    • I understand. I’m sure you saw the lights come on in your teaching years. A position opening soon for a prison writing teacher — 2 Sunday afternoons or other day if desired. Or just volunteer somewhere. A great project that others have done is writing in a nursing home. Many seniors are still ‘with it’ and want their memories written down for family.

  2. Being at that point in my life where I need to decide what career path to follow, I’ve being toying with the notion of being a writing/English teacher.

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