figures of speechI wish I were better at figures of speech. They would make my writing more interesting. I know I’m too ordinary – subject, verb, object. I write “he ran fast,” when I would like to write, “he ran like the wind.”

While there are tens of figures of speech, one of my favorites is Euphemism, Euphemismthe  substitution of an inoffensive term for one considered offensively explicit. Government does this all the time, the most famous example being the CIA’s euphemism for “kill someone” is to “neutralize” them.

The books give other examples: Pre-owned for used; enhanced interrogation for torture; wind for belch or fart; convenience fee for surcharge.

Can we writers come up with euphemisms for words that bother us, words such as:

  • Rewriting,
  • Writers’ block
  • Rejection?

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3 responses to “Euphemism

  1. Very interesting idea…for the writers block maybe we can call it…the resistance to write…just saying

    P.S Could you please add a search box to your blog. I have been looking for some particular posts you wrote a while back and am having trouble tracking them. Thanks.

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