Making a Little Money

Greeting CardsWouldn’t it be nice to make a few dollars as we struggle to write that great novel?  How about writing greeting cards. I can’t remember where I got these notes, but they’re only a few years old.

Since greeting cards is a multi-billion dollar industry, there is good potential for substantial earnings. Most companies pay from $25 to $150 for each free-lance idea or verse they buy. Some pay as much as $500 for a single idea or verse. If your work is especially original and creative, a submission of ten card ideas to one company could bring you anywhere from $25 to $1,500 (or more) depending on how many of the ideas the company buys, and how much they pay per idea.

In most cases a company’s writer’s guidelines will tell you how much they pay per idea. That information is also available for most of the companies listed in the Writer’s Market and The Writer’s Handbook. If you feel your ideas are worth more than $25 apiece, submit them to a company that pays more. The choice of companies you wish to deal with is entirely up to you. Just make sure greeting card rackyour submissions fit the specific guidelines and needs of the company you are sending them to.
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