uniqueMy creative writing classmate and I went down to the coke machine during the break.  His name was Jack and he had a wry sense of humour.  Every conference we went to, he would make me laugh, speculating about who was sleeping with whom.  He was a great adventure writer and because of his position as the head of a large factory, he had a good feel for anything to do with the business world.

I loved everything I read of his.

The professor had been telling us how each of us was unique.  Yes, he said, the subjects we were writing about had been written about before, but not from our point of view.

Jack pulled open the tab of his cola and took a swallow.  A sad look filled fingerprinthis big face.   “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say,” he said.

Unfortunately, Jack’s attitude is common today.  Why?

Do people want to hear what we have to say?

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8 responses to “Uniqueness

  1. Jack’s sense of humour gives him a unique outlook. He should be glad he can use humour in his writing. Not everyone can poke fun at a situation effectively.

  2. I think, as a rule, we all have insecurities. We tend to think that we are nothing special in this great big world. Therefore, why would someone what to listen to me when they could be listening to someone of notoriety?

    People want to hear what we have to say IF, it fills a need for them. Does what we say move them, give them insight, entertain them.

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