Guest Bloggers

blogWe’re very lucky. Once a week from now into September we will have a guest writer give us a blog about writing. All of these people (including me) belong to MasterKoda Facebook group. I will have to blog on other people’s sites, and they will blog on blogmine. But I will still blog at least once a week on this site. So it should be an entertaining summer.

And speaking of being entertained, did you ever stop reading something and say to yourself, “This is good. I’m enjoying this book or story or newspaper article.” When that happens, stop and ask yourself why. Why am I enjoying this? What did the writer do here?

readingI recommend this when you read a book. Read it once to get the story and then read it again as a writer. Take the book, Jaws. Why is there a romance in the middle of the book? Why did the movie version of the Godfather start with his daughter’s wedding?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of reading and viewed it as a writer?

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