The Lionness Speaks

I am happy to host the first of my guest bloggers,  Nanci E. Maynard
aka N. Alexandria Cornelius. A writer with interesting ideas, a woman with a challenging and different job. Welcome, Nanci.

Have you ever watched a PBS or National Geographic special on the Lion pride? If you have, what did you see? The male lion (the defender of the pride) lying around while the lionesses did all the work. Especially when it came to hunting. For the pride to eat (after all it was a communal effort) the lionesses got together and planned the hunt.

Though the huge cats cannot speak, through non-verbal communication they’d decide “Hey, let’s go look at that big zebra or wildebeest herd that passed here an hour ago.”, and off they would go. Leaving the older lionesses to care for the cubs, they have a look see at said herd.

One of the most telling points for me is the way they would lie in the tall grass and watch, as the herd grazed. One of the narrators told the audience that since the zebra can’t see color, they could not see their enemy which was literally lying zebrain front of their faces. Nor could the zebra smell the lions because the big cats made sure they were down wind from their prey.

While the lionesses were watching, they’d pick out who to grab. It was usually the zebra or wildebeest which was the “straggler”, the one wandering off all by itself (insert spooky music here). With the prey selected the lionesses moved off to make their attack. Coming from all sides to distract while one lioness brought down the prey or several worked together to bring down even more.

The reason for this post? I am a firm believer in women being helpers of one another. Whether it is in business, personal, emotional, spiritual, etc. Just because you are over a certain age (in my case over 55) doesn’t mean you have outlived your purpose and usefulness! Ya hear me?!?!

Modern society has a tendency to shove the young into our faces, and kick us (eh-hem) “cougars” to the curb. Yet they forget that the young are often inexperienced. I’m constantly faced with this fact while working closely with the public, which I’ve been doing for18 years now. Things I knew at age 10, many don’t know at age 20, or older. Even such simple acts like renewing ones driver license, reporting a lost or stolen credit card, applying for a passport, etc.

These acts may sound Easy Peasey to you, but there are some who literally and legitimately need a helping hand, especially during a time of crisis. So, in my story “The Knight Riders,(the second installment) I will be introducing “The Lioness Network” which will be a fictions national crisis network (run by vampires – you’d have to read the books to get the details) for those affected by domestic violence. Yes, men are affected by it too.

However for the sake of this post I’m using this as a rallying cry for us to work together to help each other. Whether it is teaching someone how to hold and feed a baby, teaching them math, or English, or how to use the computer. Each one can teach one. Sure it may be frustrating (at times). But, if one person leaves with better understanding, direction and confidence, the hassle is well worth it. That’s why I call it the “Lioness Network.”

It’s all about us women networking ……. Work Together

P.S. the reason I don’t call my network The Cougar Network, is because cougars are solitary animals and don’t work together. . .

How have you helped someone towards accomplishing their goal(s). How has someone helped you? Perhaps you have a short story to share.
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I, Nanci E. Maynard (aka N. Alexandria Cornelius), I am a humble writer. I’m a Nancilife long resident of New York City and live with two “fur kin” (my cats Biscuit & Spiral). Though I’m mild mannered, I work on a not so mild mannered job as a police clerical in a police precinct. I am a SciFi/Vampire/Detective/Spy/Military buff. My writing experience spans: Star Trek FanFiction, WRPGs (written role playing games),and blogs. I hope to publish a full length novel (and series), soon.


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2 responses to “The Lionness Speaks

  1. What a great introduction Ed.

    Nanci, I did not know that about lions. I love the idea of the ““Lioness Network”. I never did understand society’s attraction to youth. But I was a strange child and have remained a strange adult. Your imagery is fantastic in the above post and I now want to read your books.

  2. Awesome! I don’t like the term cougar either, but us “mature” women can definately teach the youngin’s a thing or two. We know what we want, and don’t have the time nor inclination to waste our time on pretenders. I think you’ll find the pack is growing rapidly – Ms. Lioness! Rahr!!

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