Titles and Character Names

How do you name a book? A character? Writer Natalie Star give us some tips this week

The working title for my young adult paranormal romance, The Keeper, was The Keeperoriginally dubbed The Mist. I did research on that title and there were too many Mist’s out there, and it just didn’t feel right at the time. In the story, actually in the prologue of the book there is a scene involving mist, and it’s important in mistchanging the main characters life forever. So it seemed to be the perfect title at the time. The title wasn’t set in stone until I hit the last third of the story. That’s when I knew with confidence what I would be calling it.

Choosing a title for ones story can be difficult, but you have the whole process of writing the book to come up with one. You don’t have that luxury when naming characters.title

I usually name them based on what they look like in my mind. In real life there are people you meet that actually look like their names, and so I try to feed off of that to name my people. Or if they have such a strong personality I try to name them based on the meaning of their name. For example, in The Keeper I have a dark evil character named Adrik. If you look up the meaning of his name, it means dark in Russian.

Now don’t be impressed, I don’t know Russian. I did research on names meaning dark and/or evil, and out of all the names this one jumped out at me because I could see the character as an Adrik. It fit him perfectly.

The naming process can be a lot of fun, and sometimes it can drive one crazy. I renamed my main characters uncle three times. The last time I changed it I was namein the middle of the editing process with my editor!

Thanks for stopping by Ed’s blog today. Ed and I love feedback! Drop us a comment on how you’ve named a paper you wrote, or how you named a pet, a character, a stuffed animal, your car, or anything else you’ve given a name to. How did you come up with that name?

Natalie’s Author Bio:

When I’m not reading or writing, I can be found with my husband supporting my two children on the soccer fields. Or maybe running around with my camera taking photos while camping and/or hiking. Or lastly, and most probable – I’m Nataliewatching movies on Netflix while simultaneously perusing Facebook. Our family resides in the state of Virginia along with our old-unintelligent-diabetic cat named Lucky.

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5 responses to “Titles and Character Names

  1. Ed, Please fix the misspelling in your headline. Would love to tweet your article, but the misspelling may make you/me lose credibility from the start. If you can, let me know when it is fixed so that I can forward it on. Thanks.

  2. I love that name, Adrik, with the connotation of darkness. Sometimes illustrative names or titles are just SO perfect! Thanks for sharing the process you use 🙂

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