Taking Pictures


The wheels on the bus go round and round. Find out how writer Dvora Swickle used her years driving a school bus to help her write her children’s books.

I have a friend who has found the ultimate fun thing in the world. He found a camera as I had found paper and pen.  He loves taking pictures of signs, especially freeway signs.  Also takes pictures of trains, links and trucks.  Even on the ferry he has a blast taking pictures of the ferry.  But I have found a few issues of this new found love of the camera.

First experience, I took him to Cheney Stadium.  He was taking pictures from the car window at the reader board from the parking lot, because he is scared to go inside.  Suddenly a woman comes running across the parking lot yelling at him to stop taking pictures of her husband and girls.  She was out of control, I thought I would explain, but looking at her I decided to just drive away.  It’s amazing how much people watch you I wasn’t even thinking about this issue of being some kind of pervert.

Then we were at a stop light waiting to get on the free way and he pulled out his camera to take a picture of the big sign at the entrance of the freeway.  Suddenly I heard a bunch of swearing from some gentleman standing on the side of the road, mind you the camera was not even facing him and he started yelling swear  words at us and getting all bent out of shape so I just took off and went down the freeway.

Is it just me, or what really is it?  Do we keep running into people who are paranoid or should I take the camera away.  He doesn’t care about people at all and doesn’t point it at them but when someone sees a camera they think it all about them, I am so confused and also at the fact people can just started swearing at me and getting all bent out of shape.  A simple, “I don’t like my picture taken.”  This would be plenty for me to say, turn around dude and point the other way.

I find, now a days some people find they have the right to treat you with disrespect and call it there rights.  I find this a weird concept; I guess that is why I write children’s books.  I hope this change in people for being kind should not be the minority in human behavior.  Well I guess I will let this subject go, but I would really want to know your opinion.

How do you feel society is acting in public?

Do you find people generally happy or distraught?

When you are out and about, do you see people smile or growl as a norm?

Dvora Swickle lives in the quaint fishing village of Gig Harbor, Washington.  DvoraThere the grass is green, the trees are tall, and the animals roam freely. Dvora believes that all children’s should live bully free, learn confidence. My stories are like a box of cracker jacks, a lovely reading experience with a message inside just for them to grow on. Come and join Dvora as she tells her many tales. Her words will follow you all through your life!

Dvora Swickle (AKA D.A. Johnson) has been entertaining and writing for school buschildren (and her two kids) for over 20 years. Dvora drove school bus for 10 years, creating poems for children to read upon arrival to school. Dvora loves to read in school classrooms, children are captivated by her voice. Dvora works with special needs children and is devoted to helping students 18 to 21 transition from high school into the work community and living independently. Stories can help students understand problems without feeling it is directed towards them personally. Working in the school system for 17 years, has been a blessing for her and the students around her, finding time to read during library time Dvora enjoys reading and putting fun voices to her characters, inviting children to take part.  Every time she reads “sweet green grass” kids are encouraged to raise there hands.  Dvora loves seeing all the fingers in the air, makes her feel so appreciated and warm.

She has written over 40 stories and is the author of two poetry collections. The first poetry collection “Dress Up” is available in paperback. The second collection “Kittywampus” is available in eBook format.

Dvora encourages young children to develop a life-long love for language and reading. She believes that poetry can play a big role in motivating children to read. “Poetry helps young readers understand language, words and feelings through rhythm and rhyme.  Children feel comfortable with poems because it’s like playtime with words.”

In Dvora’s poetry and stories, a positive attitude toward life is the major theme and each story ends with a moral. “Many of my stories present situations where something goes wrong,” she says.  “I use loving characters alongside funny and familiar situations to show ways in which we can overcome any obstacles in school or home with patience and grace.”

Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.

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2 responses to “Taking Pictures

  1. Ed, Apart from the innate decline of manners in the west, I think we might be looking at the deep seated anger at the amount of surveillance the most innocent of us is exposed to, every day, without our ever being consulted as to how we’d feel about it. It might be, though I don’t know, that the suveillance lobby has got the govt by the throat just as the prison-industrial complex has – all in the name of cutting down crime. (Though I read somewhere there is serious doubt now about whether these cameras actually have cut the crime rate.) Up to p. 100 of WILLIWAW, will post a review when I’ve finsihed it.

    • Hi Danielle.
      As you know, I’m on a “Blog Tour.” I’ve passed on your comment to Dvora Swickle, a member of the same group I’m in. By the way there is a man from Australia in the group as well. They were very helpful on my first “Free Days.” It’s the MasterKoda Group on Facebook.

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