Seasons of the Wolf etc.

wolfA self-confessed wolf addict is our guest writer this week. Welcome Dominique Goodall.

So what I am doing today is providing some wonderful excerpts from not one or two but four of my manuscripts with you. I’ll break down the scenes slightly afterwards for you and we’ve gotta hope that none of the characters try and butt in. They need to keep themselves locked away in their various, myriad of worlds with their friends and family. What I have done is show you all four different styles for the way I write and the way that I present my worlds to people.

First up for your reading pleasure today is a quote from Torn, my new novella which is combining hell-hounds (rarely touched in books) with Norse mythology and Fenrir, the wolf said to bring about Ragnarok.

 ~He breathed a soft sigh before he turned back into the forest, his nose wrinkled as he sought the single spot he had run from before. He trembled, his fur lifting along his back the closer he got to it and that single place he had tried to avoid. He felt his breathing speed up, the hesitation in every step and yet, something inside him pushed him on, forced him past that never-ending exhaustion that always ended up welling as he thought back to his mother and what had befallen her.

 He literally stumbled upon the place where he had spent the first six months of his life. He landed with his nose pressed almost entirely against what remained of his mother. Her skeleton gleamed white in the darkness, his eyes dulling down from the dark amber they had glowed to a more normal gold, albeit a gold that was darker than it should be, leaning more towards an orange glow.

 He growled softly, his head drooping as he rested his head against what remained of her forehead, soft whimpers spilling from his throat to the still air. He shuddered, before he threw his head back in a quiet, mournful cry. He had never grieved, never let himself give voice to the pain that had rang inside his body while he was locked into the state of surviving. ~

 Now in this, Embrine, the hell-hound wolf mix who is the main character for Torn is facing the den where he was born and where he had to run after confronting his wolf mother and her pack dead, from causes he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t yet know about the other side to his blood – that is something that he will learn about in the very near future.

Echoes of WinterNext up is part of the Echoes of Winter prologue. It features Tikaani, a slender she-wolf with black fur and a lot of scarring. She’s a vital part of Echoes of Winter and the future of the pack, but she comes in in the later half of the book, where she rapidly begins to get the attention of those around her.

 ~ Tikaani screamed as the claws came down on her shoulders; the pain of having her muscles torn and split to the pain made her arch her back and shift in a serpentine manner to try and free her shoulders of the cougar who was pinning her down. She was being crushed and she was unable to breathe– at least, unable to breathe until she threw herself onto her back and drove the air out of her attacker. She turned in shock when she spotted the cougar– no more than a year old, with her blood on its claws. She growled then, but before she could attack, or even run– those scythe like claws came at her face, and, in a single blow, she lost her sight. ~

This is a vital attack in the book as it leads to a change in fortune for Tikaani as well as being what immediately comes after the cover for Echoes of Winter. I’m not saying what’s happening to her here or how it came to happen, that’ll have to wait until December and the release!

This next bit comes from a flash fiction I wrote as part of a story for a contest. It came third out of goddess knows how many entries and got me a copy of Song of the Summer King – a book written by the same artist who designed and painted the cover and inside illustrations for Echoes of Winter.

 ~ It wasn’t easy, to live as a wolf pup in a place where you were hounded and dominated by gryfons. From a young age, we had to learn to keep quiet, to hide from the shadows which swept our territory, blocking out the sun then eating our prey. It was even harder when they had killed one of my pack-mates; and that’s when we had to howl our grief out, always anxious in case one of them came down upon us and killed even more of the pack which was slowly losing members.

 I can clearly remember arguing with our Alpha female, Catori about when we were going to be allowed our first hunt. It was something I was anxious to do, more than anxious now that I had hit my sixth month and sixth moon. We numbered three; me and my two brothers, Tilar and Gilar. I myself was named Luna, after the moon whose rays shone the same colour as my coat. They took after Catori more, the way they should considering she was our mother. ~

 This was written further on in the book than I knew when the main wolf character, Catori, has had pups. She’s a fantastic character, the Seer from the pack and amazingly, the twin sons are named in the same was as Catori’s own sons. It’s a read I recommend!

The final excerpt will be from the single new piece I am writing, before edits and with a lot of crazy bits that’ll be happening. It’s being written during Camp NaNo, which is a lot of fun to take part in all the time!

  ~Transfixed by the wolf she sees in front of her, she forgets to close her eyes. As soon as she meets the eyes of the indigo and black lupine, she feels a pang run through her stomach and her hand drops to the protruding bump. She drops down the veil in a panic and closes her eyes, praying to whichever god or goddess is listening that she didn’t just doom her baby… ~

 This is part of the unnamed book with only a few characters. Not sure where this is going, I’m just letting this run its course and…wait. I love working from the seat of my pants (I’m a pantser lately!) and letting the story work through its own tales.

Now those are my excerpts, so let me know which one you think is best. And woo! We survived the process without any pesky characters jumping from me to take matters into their own hands…or paws, as most seem to be unable to type and have to use me as their typist, dictating to me as though I am their own personal assistant.

  •  Which excerpt do you prefer?
  • What book would you like to read?
  • Let me get an excerpt of YOUR own writing at the moment, so I can read through it.
  •  Any idea what my newest novel should be called? Suggestions are always welcome!

Dominique Goodall is the author of the soon to be released Echoes of Winter, book one in the “Seasons of the Wolf” series and a Dominique Goodallself-confessed wolf addict. She has currently been published in two anthologies by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and is currently working on getting herself better known by sending in manuscripts for as many different anthologies as she possibly can.

As much as she loves to admit it, she never will be able to count her wolf stuff- there’s nothing left for her to be truly able to collect without her own home.

She can be found on Facebook;

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Or on Twitter; @DomGoodall

You can also like “Echoes of Winter” here;




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