A Quirky Writer

Quirky, full of fun, a writer and a promoter of writers. Today we have an interview with Aurora Martinez.

Katie, Aurora, Mariah  2007

Aurora in the middle

Why can’t I find you when I Google your name?

At this point you will find me as Elizabeth Delana Rosa on Google because it is important to brand your Pen Name so that people will read your book.

https://plus.google.com/u/0/117266952247865809762/about My Google plus profile.

From your picture, it is obvious that you have a great sense of humor. Where did that come from?

My MomI would say my sense of humor comes from my mom. She is always making us laugh and giggle. I was blessed to be brought up in a home full of love, discipline and fun.

What do you do when you’ve been staring at your computer all day and you begin to see stars and/or pink elephants?

I shut everything down and spend time with my mom, sisters (Katie (older) and Adam and AuroraMariah (younger), brother-in-law David (Katie’s husband) and my boyfriend, Adam. They are the people that keep me sane and encouraging me to reach my goals. I do a lot of business online so I often have to take a moment to breathe and visit the life that I am physically present in.

 What do you usually have for breakfast?

I usually eat whatever there is. Sometimes it’s lovely breakfast food like sausage and eggs and sometimes it’s weird stuff like Ramen…lol.

 Totally aside from business – what books, magazines, and newspapers do you enjoy?

I love paranormal romance, fantasy and scifi books. I am the biggest nerd and news buff. I love knowing what’s going on the world. It’s important to know because what affects the earth and its inhabitants roll toward us like Japan is so far away but our ocean’s ecosystem is at risk. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1498056436001/japanese-tsunami-trash-threatening-ocean/

Since we are word jockeys, can you say a word that characterizes you best?

Quirky- I think I am a unique, silly, funny, writer that focuses on encouraging and helping those around me.

 Do you have a pet?AJ

Yes I have 2 cats, AJ (to the right)

and Peanut Peanut

as well a wonky dog named Munchkin.




Do you or did you have a mentor in your life?

My mother has been a huge influence in my life. She has had some really hard blows that would have made lesser people give up and become embittered but my mother has remained steadfast and faithful to God. She has cried many tears but has encouraged me and shown me the measure of person, in that I want to be as strong, beautiful, kind and encouraging as she is. If I use half the tools she has given me in this world I will be great.

The other mentor is Tasha Turner. She has encouraged me and chided me, to help me become a better writer, person and business owner. I love how she has become so important to my life. She is my Sensei (Japanese Teacher), my Yoda and my Guru. If I take the advice she gives me, I can succeed in my dream of becoming a published writer and assist in the marketing of other writers.

 Assuming money was no object, where would you go for vacation?

I would go on a Nerd Tour. I have 113 members in a Nerd Group on Facebook. I would love to travel and meet some of them on the way to the conventions nearest them. It would a fun way to connect with my interests and meet my bestest, and closest virtual friends. My first stop would be Vancouver to see where a lot of sci-fi shows are filmed. It’s a bit of a Mecca for them.

What did you study in university?

I studied business but I was horrible at it. I’m thinking of going back to study leadership so that I can have a 4 year degree and finish what I’ve started so many years ago.

Some say that the city you are born in and grow up in, influences who you are. For me, I think I’m Cleveland, Ohio in a lot of ways.  Is this true for you?

Not really I’ve lived a variety places but I am a product of my family—the things they have taught have influenced every step my life.

dreamMy dream is to become a published writer and successful e-business owner, with a supportive husband and happy, safe children. I’m close to achieving that now. I have met a great man, who loves and supports me in ways I Adam and Auroranever expected. I love him so much and it’s great that he returns and shows that love. I am working on the e-business which will come to fruition soon as well as the release of my book in November.


 As a child, what was your safe place? A place where you could dream, a place where no one bothered you.

My safe place was curled up on the couch listening to my mom read stories and doing voices. I could dream I was there and make my own stories from her lap.

  Joseph Campbell studied hero stories from every culture. Christopher Vogler took his work and made it practical for movie makers and writers. The Hero’s Journey, the Writer’s Journey.  It is now Hollywood gospel. What is the heroic quest you are setting out on? 

I think it is heroic to feature other authors and market them so that I contribute to their success. It is my dream to become a name that people associate with good work, ethics, encouragement and help.

Katie, Mariah, Aurora  1985

Katie, Mariah, Aurora 1985


Aurora’s Family


5 responses to “A Quirky Writer

  1. Hi Aurora! What a GREAT post! I got such a great kick out of reading all about you and your family! I love Tasha too! Yes, definitely go back to school and, yes, WRITE those books! By the way, what did you do to poor “AJ”? LOL!

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