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freeA few years ago, I showed up at my writing group with a chapter of my novel and something I wrote about myself. The group (the Rainwriters) had a lot to say about the novel chapter, most of it critical. But they loved the little thing I wrote about myself.

Week after week, month after month this went on. They liked the writing about myself, but had a lot of suggestions about the novel. One woman said, “Ed, your novel is okay, but these stories about yourself are your best writing ever.”

I believed her and put together my themed autobiography, Once a Priest, the theme Once a Priestbeing that priesthood continued in my life minus religion. the church and the roman collar. Even the title came from a man in the group. (A sub-text message is to find a good writing group or start one. It can make a big difference in your writing life)

Once a Priest is:

  • About a man finding himself, not a book about religion.
  • About carrying things of value from the church, not a book about being a priest.
  • About seeking the transcendent, the spiritual, not a book about what people said in confession.

Once a Priest is:

  • About Martin Luther King’s march from Selma to Montgomery
  • About a thirty-two year old man, a virgin, beginning to date
  • About running for political office – and winning
  • About getting married and having a family
  • About starting a business without knowing anything about the business
  • About moving to a new country
  • About teaching writing in prison
  • About living with cancer.

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