freeThis Wednesday and Thursday, November 21 and 22, my novel, Beyond the Vows, will be free on

Spirituality is found beyond the church, not in the church. The church is a school.  You learn your lessons and then you graduate and become an adult Christian.

In Beyond the Vows I fictionalized the story of my own five years as a Catholic Beyond the Vowspriest. “The young priest sets out to save the world, but soon discovers that he’s the one who needs saving. He tries to have his church confront modern problems, but he finds that money rules. On his journey to the light he meets a greedy bishop, a philosopher-theologian janitor, a courageous young woman and a wild ex-nun. He tries to replace the fierce God of his childhood with a God of love. Even though he pours himself into parish work, a deep void still eats at his heart. He is alone.”

What is love? Where is God? Why celibacy? When do you follow your conscience and not the church? These are the questions of Beyond the Vows.

Even if you don’t have an E-book, you can download this book to your computer and read it there. Here is the link to the book:

Kindle for PC: Read eBooks on Your Computer – No Kindle Device Required

The Kindle for PC app lets you read eBooks and e-textbooks on your PC.


4 responses to “Free

  1. Many of us have experienced this plight to some degree. Not that it is good or bad, but perhaps it was a necessary journey in order to awaken from the slumber of ideology.

    • Thanks, Reza. I love that phrase — “the slumber of ideology.” I spent my early years asleep and then Pope John 23rd woke me up and gave me wonderful life goals. Humanitarian goals. Thoughtful goals.
      The image used then was, “opening the windows of the church and letting in some fresh air.”
      My trouble was I couldn’t get the windows closed anymore. Still can’t.

    • Thanks, Danielle. 533 free downloads. The theory is that I now have 533 people who will want to read other works of mine. I hope that theory works.
      And I didn’t look carefully at the calendar — my second free day was American Thanksgiving.

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