Sorry I haven’t pSorryosted a new writing tip this week. I’m participating in a trial for a new cancer drug and they have tested the ______ out of me in the past week. Medical trials do tons of tests in order to establish the effectiveness or not of their drug. The drug I’m testing is for prostate cancer, which I have fought for almost 18 years now.

But next week a Christmas Surprise called “The Five Days of Christmas,”


13 responses to “Apologies

  1. Thanks for being part of such an important study. You make a great little guinea pig. Will you be running more couses in January? I have another victim for you. Delora

  2. Ed, you would have to be superhuman to keep up all the tasks you set for yourself under the circumstances. Hang in, get better. And congratulations on the Canadian Authors Association prize.

  3. Golly, Ed, I didn’t know you were engaged in a battle with that. Ii sounds as if you’re doing well, though, as is my lovely neighbour, who is also battling it. Medical science is one of the best things, I think, that so-called progress has delivered us. I hope very much that this new drug proves good for you.

  4. Hi Ed….;We missed you and your lovely wife at the Guild Christmas party today. Our wish for you for you and your family is that your treatments are successful and you have a enjoyable Christmas and a looking forward to the new year. As ever, Rae & Bob Purcell

  5. Hi, Ed…..Best wishes, good luck with the new trial. I hope Effectiveness reaches the stars, and with no side-effects! Hugs!
    (and Merry Christmas, have a healthy, happy New Year

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