New Years’ Resolutions

My apologies. A little illness has knocked me down for the holidays. Illness always knows when to strike.

new yearsMy New Year’s Resolutions:

  •  I will change this blog every single week.
  • I will struggle to use all five senses in my writing

Simple, clean, doable, right?

EdNew Years

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21 responses to “New Years’ Resolutions

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. So many of us were down with some sort of illness over the holidays. And good luck to you with your resolutions 🙂

    ~ O

  2. Ed, so glad to know you are doing better. I’m not much on resolutions, I always think if we are going to do something, we’ll just do it no matter the day, year, time. If we really mean to do it, that is lol. When it comes to your resolutions though, I am certain there will be no issue meeting your goals. And you have reminded me once again to use all five senses. Thanks, teacher and former writing group buddy. Still learning and still need those dang reminders, lol. Happy Writing 🙂

      • Me too! LOL Humans, what can we say, we are but humans on our way… I forget to use them all the time and still tell people it’s one of the best writing techniques I ever learned hahaha. Thanks, teach xo

  3. It’s hard to keep up with a blog when I’ll. short posts that make people think or that asks questions can help with keeping up regularly (so I hear)… Feel better soon.

  4. Happy New Year, Ed. I hope that 2013 is productive and prosperous for you and the Rain Writers.
    I’ve resolved to move forward with my writing project. I’m up early this morning because Josef was talking to me.

  5. We were hit over Christmas, too. My resolution was to get over a temp of 102. heheh So far, so good! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better asap – and yes, Ed, it’s do-able! Best wishes for a productive 2013!
    My resolution (official now that it’s on the ‘net) is one major magazine article on osprey.

  6. Do hope you’re feeling better now. I made it though the holidays and then came down with tonsilitis of all things. See you soon. Delora

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. May you return to ‘up to snuff’ quickly…heard that term lots, but never used it. :>))
    Happy Writing.

  8. Hope you’re making a good recovery, Ed. Funny, I got struck down by something mysterious, too. You’re a brave man to contemplate blogging once a week; I wish I could, but even managing once a fortnight is hard for me. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that writers would be natural bloggers. Not me!

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