Writing is Hard Work

decisionAnything is easier than writing. It’s 8 AM. I open my computer. There are several new emails. Twelve former priests are writing a book, Why We Walked Away. I wrote my part of the book long ago, but now the effort is to find a publisher. At least ten of the emails have to do with that.

Here comes the choice. Do I …………

Answer the emails and work to find a publisher

Or do I………….


I’m on the final draft of a book called Delaney’s Hope, the story of a man who dreams of a prison that really works and gets the chance to prove it. He’s got five inmates and three staff to begin with. I’m half way through the final edit


I believe humor to be an effective way to get ideas across. I’m trying to write a other planetnovella about a man from the Planet Kepler 22b who ends up in a prison by mistake. I’m enjoying it so I assume readers will enjoy it.

So what do I do – find a publisher or write? What would you do?


13 responses to “Writing is Hard Work

  1. Writer’s write but the bill collectors won’t take paragraphs. 🙂 Fortunately there are many hours in a day.

  2. Hmmmmm. A bit of a trade off. If you write, you are flexing your creative muscles, but if you don’t ever publish it, what’s the point?? It is certainly more fulfilling to write……………Delora

  3. Ed, when I’m writing 1st draft material, I give my first hour to the writing, no email, no phones, no interruptions. After that, I deal with the world and its various demands. Of course, everybody’s different, but if you’re a morning writer, I believe you have access to something in that first hour before the world gets to you that you won’t have access to later in the day.

  4. Do you have a list of possible publishers for the anthology? Do you feel it is as edited and put together as your group can make it?

    Remember 20% of your “writing” time should be marketing your books and social media/working your platform.

  5. I sent you an email for Tri Destiny Publishing. They are fairly new and your book would be the first of its kind for them but your reputation precedes you and they’d be interested in talking with you.

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