Self Image

I heard of a man who wrote these one by one on post cards and mailed them to himself, one every day. We writers get a lot of negative feedback from others, but most of all from ourselves. It’s a good idea to affirm our writing selves.

1. Every rejection brings me closer to success.

2. My writing talent is a gift. The writing I do is my gift to the universe.

3. I have nothing to fear from revealing myself in my work.

4. I am always growing and my writing keeps getting better.

5. I deserve good money for my writing.

6. My writing is important, for me, for others.

7. I’m ready for success.

8. I can afford to take chances.

9. My time and my money are well spent investing in my writing career.

10. I become a better human being when I write something well.

11. The world is a better place because I wrote this morning.

12. Though all ideas have been explored, no one has exactly the same perspective as I do. I am unique. The world wants to hear my views.

13. Competition is not a problem for me. I’m me, unique.

14. Criticism and rejection just make me a better writer.

15. I’m a really good writer.

I love #11. It stirs up controversy. What is your opinion?



2 responses to “Self Image

  1. Ah, I see what you mean about no. 11. Frankly, I don’t believe that the world’s a better place simply because he wrote that morning. However (and I think many writers do have this hope), the world might be a better place if what he wrote that morning turns out to contribute something to somebody, somewhere – and that might take years.

  2. I really like these affirmations Ed. Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to refer to these OFTEN. I need positive reminders on days when things seem dark.

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